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Space cat is a creative video agency for startups and tech companies.

We tell stories of great companies and their disruptive technologies.
Making all things techy - fun, engaging and awesome.

Led by founder Liat Yoffe, an avid storyteller with an eye for detail, team SpaceCat is up for any mission, working with the front runners of filmmaking and animation.  

Smart. Agile. Curious.

We are cats from space.


our services

The space cat mission

Video production, A-to-Z: We deep dive into your story, understand your value proposition in-depth and set up strategic video goals. A heat of our creative engines with some cat production power takes your story to space in either live-action, 2D or 3D animation. 

Space Cat

video consultancy

Your Chief Video Officer:

Video is the future of content, marketing, and storytelling.
80% of all content consumed online is video. 

Acquire advanced in-house video skillset to enhance your company’s video power.


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TEL +972-54-6738503 \\ LIAT@SPACE-CAT.COm

TEL +972-52-6005236 \\ LIR@SPACE-CAT.COm

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